10/23/18: fall tour and other matters

ay yall, weblog time. I decided to opt out of prose and go for a more direct and journalistic approach. the robotaki tour was a super incredible time. smashing, forreal. I said I'd write a blogpost and here it is. the entire team was phenomenal, and they straight up were a blast to be around bc they were tolerant, fun, intelligent (or at least concerned with being so, hahah like myself, whoops got a long way to go). really cool dudes who wanted to give a positive experience to people every night.

a bunch of topics ran through my head, and I got super emotional pondering through a few things. trigger warning. here goes some possibly spicy takes that I genuinely hope you hear me on.

I think cancellation culture needs to be deleted. please consider learning to forgive people. at the very least, I'd go so far as to say that attempting might be the optimal scenario for you and your health. im not saying don't report what they do. I encourage reprimanding ppl for unjust behavior so that all parties involved can learn from their actions. ive been a victim of sexual assault multiple times and I don't wish death on any of them people, or their careers. some of these people are my family that I still interact with occasionally, and yeah the memories hurt like fuck, but at least we are able to move forward with a better understanding of ourselves and how to not hurt people. encourage love.

cried as I wrote this jank, and I hope someone feels it.

second off, I've got a few stories yadig. when I was in the 4th grade, I had a crush on a dude. when I was in the 9th grade, I had a crush on a dude. sometimes the pattern continues. im bi.

regardless of whatever you think in response to this, your voice matters, and I'm glad you're here. 

love, and big ups


12/18/17 (six): kwaku anansi 

it's been a few months since I slid somethin in here again. yaboy been releasing songs and doing things elsewhere. I put out a new one, 'Stowed Away' a few weeks ago with my close friend Aaron (Flamingosis). We're working on an album. Stowed Away is special to me because the final part feels like one of the most emotionally potent things I've made. that list is growing as of recently

this is just a public space for me to write stuff. like a huge white board in an unlocked secret room, tucked in the corner of a building that people don't visit very often. low stakes. that's a good thing. these words don't need to be performative. and if they were, would you even be able to tell? I guess that's the plight of anyone who uses modern communication haha. nonetheless, I like this page

I've been wondering why there aren't many western African popular cartoons. I'd be hard pressed for anyone to show me one. My dad used to tell me these bedtime stories about Kwaku Anansi. They were west African tales bout a spider who's constantly learning lessons about virtues and etc. through being apart of his community. I searched it up on youtube and there's a video of Nick Cannon narrating an animation. hahahahaha

Nick Cannon's first album was the second album I ever bought, right after Bow Wow's beware of dog 

this is the first fall I've ever experience not being in school. It's been really interesting really. 

It's really interesting feeling yourself grow due to the nature of relationships you've participated in. Sometimes I'm not sure if it's growth, or unneeded deviation from past ideologies. turbulence in maintaining a most natural self. but people exist in a world of unavoidable stimuli, so your most natural self is always being renewed as you react to space changing around you. The world is so gray. I don't mean dark and dreary, but moreso the fact that morality is usually justifiable from a lot different angles. I'm noticing a lot of tendencies about myself that I hadn't before. Some favorable, some not. Deviating from ideoleogies that are are core to your identity feels like playin on some monkey bars. Some people are really good gymnasts, and others aren't. lotta sports in this world though

If you know of any good west african cartoons, hit a boyo up nawmean. curious

2018's soon. I'm playin a new years eve show in lancaster, PA. never been there so yaboyo excited. talk soon



6/5/17 (five): it's hot out now

yo, I haven't been updating this blog 2 often, but I've been doing things everywhere else (also im P active on all my socials). working on a new album. also a collaboration EP with a homie you may or may not know. Anyway, I graduated college in mid May. I would drive 1.5 hours back and forth 3 times a week to take classes all day. did that for 4 years, and I no longer gotta do that. Lots o professors were tellin me some good things that are outside the scope of their job titles. Higher education can be rlly fuckin problematic, but I had a pretty positive experience. Went in wanting to expand n' protect my whimsy n' I think I did that. Learned that sometimes, it's important to not be careful. Takes practice to learn when to let the room influence your movements, and when to leave the room because it's fuckin you up. Good stuff all around, very dense rooms full o shit to respond to

I got some best friends & pen pals in different countries because of music. I have a modest pocket now bc of music. not sure how it happened, but I've seen cities I never woulda seen otherwise, because of me making wonky stuff. Really happy that fourteen year old Ehi believed in himself, because I feel like 1 whole. 5/5ths

.. I get lots o' e-mails from kids who listen 2 my stuff. From ppl who I can tell I'd be best friends with. Almost a new e-mail everyday somehow

I'd make the same music I do now, even if nobody was able to listen to anything i do. I guess I just wanna say thanks for even caring to click on this secretive ass blog, and carin bout the tunes I make

After the tour w/ Moon Bounce, I had some serious, serious bags under my eyes lmfao. Then when I got home, I went straight into uni finals hahaha. Anyway, I've been trying to develop daily routines. Healthy food choices, workout schedules, and structuring writing & recording (even more organized than I usually am about it). Practicin discipline & focus and what not. I can feel it doin stuff

Lots of different types of ppl & relationships to soak in & wonder about. I been wearing the same contacts for 2.5 months. gotta get some new new lol. woops

I had a show 2 nights ago, opening for Mark Redito n Moon Bounce. Really really sick time. Mark & Moon Bounce are some o my favorite musicians. Like, I was fans of em before we even met lol. I met this one girl who grad'd from SVA, and we were talking about how the outro of Gambino's CAMP gave us chills. How I meet strangers that I could be best friends with whenever I bring my tunes out the house? 

this operation is mystical, but also couldn't be more demystified. how'd that balance happen

thanks for that. also I made some hats, they're for sale on my bandcamp

bye bye !! I'ma go fishing this Wednesday with my friend. you should do somethin outside too



3/21/17 (four): sxsw recap & spaghetti burgers & update-o's

okay wow, just got back from SXSW maybe 3 days ago. Had to recooperate because dear goodness the calves, ears, and tummy were aching. Feeling good now. Shoutsies to torchies tacos, and the grilled cheese truck on 6th street. 

Basically that whole week was incred forreal. I went to SXSW in 2016, but this year's 2017 SXSW was the first time I've played there. ya mans did 3 showcases; one with the Euphoria Fest people, another with Rain Club, and a 3rd with Night Owl Collective. 

speakin' of Night Owl Collective; shoutout them 2 TIMES. Really sweet people. Got to hang with Lone Moon, Chuck Sutton, Icarus Moth, Johnny Ha$h, Tiny Ghost, Clint Choi, Geotheory, 2ToneDisco, Celadon City, and some other homies. Super dank time

first night I got into Austin, we had a family jam time w/ some instruments and stuff, and Icarus Moth made everyone spaghetti burgers. I'm not sure if you read that attentively enough, but Our Friend Made Us Spaghetti Burgers. Really incredible times

Squad photo featuring Rupert (in front of an Indian food truck)

AY sxsw SQUAH.jpg

Also me & Ojo (my manager) ended up sneakin into the Youtube house and got to peep Rae Sremmurd haha. Super ill. Also saw Cam'ron do some songs. The audience chanted like every word to Get Em' Daddy & Hey Ma. this one dude shotgunned a beer and it sprayed onto some women's jacket, like directly behind me. 30 year old rap fans being Crunk in almost every direction, leaving me (a millenial lime boy) in a generational daze. But yes Really fun times, truly

Got 2 Updates for you:

1) Just updated the 'Boyo + Digs'. bi-weekly jig that's filled with songs I like. make sure you peep tiron & ayomari at least

2) DESKPOP put out a new mixtape called 'Thaw' on their soundcloud and bandcamp. It has some new songs from friends, and a few limeade remixes on it as well. One in particular, RobKTA's "Three Knots" remix, feels like Digimon World to me. I might have to download a ROM on my phone just thinking about it. Peep here though: 

updates nearly complete

also, I turned 22 six days ago. super tight. I am feeling like a numerical palindrome. uk how facebook shows you photos from exactly a year prior to the date? that happened a few days ago, and I caught the whirlwind of STUFF that's gone down. lots of advancements and things changin. gonna keep aiming the sunshine on this solar powered wagon. Remembering to put sunscreen on my spider bite. Ok Peace


3/12/17 (three): goin 2 austin town TX

it's 1:33AM right now. That just prompted me to check the google machine, because I heard daylight savings is today (or spring forward) or whatever. losin an hour of sleep before heading to the big TX baby

Anyway I've spent the day finishing songs and files and what not bc I'ma be away from my setup for a week. which is nice, but also like, oooph, bc you're boy got things to finish (as per usual)

SXSW this week, o yes. Gonna play some shows.

3/13 @ Ethics Music Lounge (8pm)

3/17 @ Helios House (9:15pm)

(I might do a set in someone's RV at a point hahah secretive stuff)

Maybe visit my favorite chicken & waffle truck. watch some tunes happen possibly. Last year I went with a friend & met two Austinites named Jared & Max at one of Flamingosis' shows. Those doggies made the trip so tight. We snuck up onto a rooftop and watched Erica Badu play a set haha. still wild thinking about how that even happened dude wtf. So sick

This time around we gon' be hangin with a lot of internet music friends, some other homies I know in a variety of ways

my feet are cold right now. I'm trying to dive into some reading sometime soon, idk. goodnight peace


3/10/17 (two): ~boyo + places~

it's 12:30am. got class tomorrow dog, wow; spent today writing songs and doin laundry slowly. spider bite looking gnarly oooph, but healing forsure. homie Alex is currently at a haywyre show in new yahk

I'm starting a youtube series called 'boyo + places' for when I'm hangin with homies in places + and am out doing some things. In this one, one of my best homies alex AKA 'cold guy mcgoo' AKA 'Dolphin Uppercut Avenger', and I go to new yark to watch a special movie. includes a few clips of me playin at abbi press' EP release show @ Babycastles in Manhattan, NYC

Me and Alex broke a Wild coordinated, synchronized dance sequence at the end of that set. a righteous moment, unpictured but i'm sure it will pop up somewhere in another form soon

really tight day in this video though shoutsies to all the spotsss  

~here it is yo~

boyo + places: EP 1 (sailor moono)

3/7/17 (one): ~doin som'n~

ay wassup welcome to the 'bobo ponderings' headquarters. I kinda just wanted a spot to shoot ramblings through, share tight and or silly stuff, talk bout some ideas and other things. pluck apart ideological phenomena, or maybe post a photo of my favorite green jacket 'Rupert'. who knows really haha. 

 Rupert looking handsome

Rupert looking handsome


for starters, me and my boy James Deen just put out a new song today called "Grin"

~premiered by the fader~

*cue the kind words from those good people*

they called me velvet voiced hahaha. bless ya Anupa. dope name as well


james is my boyo. he remixed "ms. sacrilegious" for limeade ~organic edition~, the last track on the USB. he also played the 'limeade album release URL show' in a STARBUCKS. really nuts.

homie got the sick style and makes music that makes me wanna gyrate. "grin" is the first track on his new album 'Never Been Cool' comin' out later this month, really wild project n I'm stoked to be part o that


the tour with Moon Bounce is soon. I had tofu & rice today. a lil bit of tea as well. my spider bite is healin'. I have a finding nemo bandaid on it right now. looked really gnarly for a while but we gon be A-OK though. Hope you're eating enough oatmeal in your diet. I been slackin for a few weeks, my recipe is all types of fuckd up right now. We finna fix that though I'm sure, and swiftly

this concludes the 1st post damn. I'm probably gonna do this rather than catapult things on my twitter. It'd be really dope to 

ok peace~